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1D arse not a 1D arse

By | Published on Tuesday 17 July 2012

One Direction

So, bad news, people. It transpires that the photo of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction’s arse that appeared online last week and which, supposedly, originated from the Instagram account of his bandmate Niall Horan, was no more genuine than the picture that circulated in January which some claimed showed Harry Styles’ genitals.

That is to say, it was a genuine arse (and those were genuine genitals), but the bottom didn’t belong to Tomlinson (like the cock wasn’t attached to Styles).

We are blaming The Sun for this, which initially claimed the naked snap of Tomlinson in the shower had been posted online by Horan, though the tabloid did suspiciously remove the article a few hours later. Last week a spokesman for the band told E! News that the Instagram account in question didn’t actually belong to a member of One Direction, and nor did the arse it featured.

So, consider that resolved. And that’s it, we’re not reporting on any more naked photos of One Direction unless they are hand delivered by the group themselves (which may or may not be the PR strategy planned for tricky album number three).

Meanwhile, as The Sun story we previously linked to featuring the photo was deleted, presumably leaving all the 1D fans who came to having Googled “One Direction arse” very disappointed, here’s a link to the E! News page that does have the photo. If you can convince yourself that ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is one of the best pop songs ever written, you can probably convince yourself that’s really a 1D boy in the shower.