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2 Chainz and Diplo sample $100,000 mineral water

By | Published on Thursday 9 April 2015

2 Chainz

Did you know that you can pay $100,000 for a bottle of mineral water? No, neither did I. So thanks to 2 Chainz for bringing this to my attention, with his ongoing YouTube series for GQ, ‘Most Expensivest Shit’.

2 Chainz and Diplo met with “the only water sommelier in America” who, after fobbing them off with some water that only cost $13 and $20, cracked out the proper stuff, Beverly Hills 90H2O, which purports to be “the first sommelier-crafted water in the world”. I know, I couldn’t believe it was the very first either, but apparently this is a market that’s yet to be flooded. Flooded! Ha! I’m funny.

“What are you paying 100,000 for?” asked 2 Chainz, reasonably. It turns out that much of the cost isn’t actually for the water, rather what comes with it. As well as the H2O, you get a diamond and white gold lid on the bottle, four glasses and a case to carry it in.

Although Diplo and 2 Chainz noted that the water was nice, the rapper’s conclusion was this: “The most expensivest water, when you can just drink rain – it almost seems like if you put a diamond on something, they gonna run up the tab on you … both of us have acquired expensive taste, neither one of us believe we should pay $100,000 for a bottle of water”.

So what did we learn? Well, I guess don’t all rush out and buy a bottle of Beverly Hills 90H2O. And watch out for people putting diamonds on stuff just to ramp up the price. If only I’d seen this video before I bought these bloody uncomfortable socks.