2 Chainz arrested after refusing to leave tour bus

By | Published on Thursday 29 August 2013

2 Chainz

Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested last week, it has emerged, along with ten members of his entourage, after refusing to leave his tour bus after being pulled over by police.

According to reports, the bus was stopped because none of its rear lights were working on the passenger side. Police said that when the driver opened the door for them officers “smelled an overwhelming odour of marijuana [and] could actually see smoke inside the bus around the door”.

The officers said that they wanted to search the bus, but 2 Chainz and his team refused to let them, resulting in a nine hour stand off before the arrests were made. All were later released after paying $2000 bail.

It all seems like a lot of effort for nothing on both sides, but on Twitter the rapper said he’d simply reached the end of his tether, writing: “Don’t ask me, ask [the Oklahoma] Police Department what they found on the bus. You won’t get an answer because [nothing] was found”.

He added: “This shit will make you go crazy – our bus gets pulled [once] a week and they always say I smell weed I need to search our bus. Shit gets tiring”.

Police have in fact now said that they did find evidence of drugs and may press charges at a later date.