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50 Cent claims Bow Wow stole $1000 meant for strippers

By | Published on Friday 14 June 2019

50 Cent

When it comes to getting into fights with people on the internet, 50 Cent is an old hand. Often these fall outs have some basis in the offline world, such as his latest. He accuses fellow rapper Bow Wow of stealing $1000 he was meant to give to dancers at a strip club.

The story goes that 50 Cent recently held an event at a strip club for “a ton of his celebrity friends”, at which he handed each of his buddies $1000 in dollar bills “to make it rain on the dancers”. But instead of doing that, Bow Wow just went home with the cash. And now Fiddy wants his money back.

“We came there like this”, 50 Cent wrote in a tweet with a video showing the money being wheeled into the venue. “Bow wow stealing ones – why the fuck you ain’t throw that to the dancers? You better get me the fucking money by Monday”.

Bow Wow responded with a video on Instagram in which he refuses to lend money to various people, before the last one reminds him that it’s 50 Cent’s money anyway. “This has been my life for the past 24 hours”, he captioned the video. He later posted a second clip informing 50 Cent that he has plenty of money of his own and doesn’t need to steal a pitiful amount like $1000, before counting that amount out in $100 bills and throwing it on the floor.

In the meantime, 50 Cent has also pulled Jermaine Dupri into all this, claiming that it was he who brought Bow Wow to the party. His Twitter post to Dupri also includes a video showing Bow Wow with the money stuffed into his trousers.

At the very least, it seems like that money was a gift that Bow Wow could do what he liked with. If anyone has a claim to it, it’s perhaps the strippers, rather than 50 Cent. Whatever, I can’t shake the feeling that this is all a charade designed to promote something. The champagne and cognac brands 50 Cent tagged in one of his posts seem quite suspicious.

Whatever, both men got to make videos proclaiming how rich they are, so that’s nice. And all the more fun for 50 Cent, now that he’s out of bankruptcy and that sort of thing hopefully won’t land him in court anymore.