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50 Cent’s cognac bottle battle over

By | Published on Wednesday 14 June 2023

Remy Martin / Sire Spirits

50 Cent’s legal battle over the design of a bottle is over, after cognac maker Remi Martin and the rapper’s drinks company Sire Spirits agreed to dismiss a lawsuit first filed in 2021.

Remy Martin went legal nearly two years ago, accusing Sire Spirits of ripping off its distinctive bottle design for its own cognac for its own Branson cognac. This, said the more established drink maker, was an effort to “unfairly capitalise” off its reputation and “unabashedly profit” from that “bad faith infringement”.

Sire Spirits managed to get the case dismissed in January last year, arguing that Remy Martin hadn’t clearly laid out what the defining elements of its bottle design were. However, the judge gave the company the option to refile the lawsuit, which it did less than two weeks later.

With the case back in court, 50 Cent’s company again tried to have the case dismissed, using pretty much the same arguments as before. Although on that occasion the judge did not concur and allowed the case to proceed.

It has been rumbling on ever since, but now both sides have agreed to voluntarily dismiss the case, and that it cannot be refiled at a later date. Further details are unknown, as Remy Martin requested that the settlement be kept secret, as it “involves confidential and highly sensitive business information”.

So, it seems likely that we will never know exactly what was agreed. Although you may see 50 Cent’s Branson cognac in a newly designed bottle sometime soon.