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Abba working on virtual reality project with Simon Fuller

By | Published on Thursday 27 October 2016


More VR? Yep, more VR. All four members of Abba are teaming up with Simon Fuller to create a new virtual reality experience featuring the band. Going slightly over the top with the hyperbole, they insist on calling it “a new entertainment experience” and a way to “see, hear, and feel ABBA in a way previously unimagined”.

“We’re inspired by the limitless possibilities of what the future holds and are loving being a part of creating something new and dramatic here”, says Benny Andersson. “A time machine that captures the essence of who we were. And are”.

Frida Lyngstad adds: “Our fans around the world are always asking us to reform and so I hope this new Abba creation will excite them as much as it excites me!”

Well, we’ll see. Though they couldn’t even get all four members of the group to give quotes for the press release. But Simon Fuller had something to say.

And that is this: “The creativity and ideas flowing from the members of Abba over the past few months have filled me with great excitement. We are exploring a new technological world, with virtual reality and artificial intelligence at the forefront, that will allow us to create new forms of entertainment and content we couldn’t have previously imagined”.

And then, for absolutely no reason, Universal Music boss Uncle Luci Grainge says that he is “THRILLED” about all this nonsense.

If you want to know more about what the hell is going on, you’ll have to wait until next year.