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Advertising company Mirriad launches new division to add product placement to music videos

By | Published on Thursday 4 February 2021


Advertising company Mirriad has launched a new music-focused division called Music Alliance that will use new-fangled AI technology to put product placement into music videos.

The company says that it will use the emotional power of music to get into the heads of music fans and make them buy shit. And pay artists and labels for the privilege. At launch, its first partners in the music industry are Red Light Management and B-Unique Records.

Mirriad says that due to this being “an era of ad avoidance”, brands need to find new ways to get their products in front of people. Product placement is the solution and the firm’s AI technology can scan “content for its emotional register moment by moment thus allowing brands to appear in exactly the right place at the right time”.

“The sheer number of ads we’re confronted with every day is so staggering that people are increasingly tuning them out”, says Mirriad CEO Stephan Beringer. “Whether they’re using ad blockers, subscribing to ad-free video-on-demand services or simply ignoring them, the impact is disastrous for brands. The Mirriad Music Alliance is excited to give brands a new and scalable way to reach relevant artists’ passionate fanbases, and with a long-term commitment and sustained interaction, build strong relationships on these foundations”.

Red Light Management UK MD James Sandom adds: “We are excited to partner with Mirriad and feel privileged to be at the cutting edge opening up an innovative medium of new revenue in the music community. Mirriad’s technology addresses the challenges of monetising content while putting the artists first, giving them greater control in the direction and nature of partnerships within their content”.

“We’re confident that connecting the worlds of marketing and music will add value to artists in scaling their business”, he adds, “while also offering brands a way to naturally immerse themselves in impactful campaigns without interrupting the experience for fans”.

Well, isn’t that just great? We just watched a video that had apparently had the Mirriad treatment and didn’t see any product placement. But maybe it was just super subtle. I’ll monitor all purchases I make this week and report back on any possible AI-caused weird deliveries.