Jacksons v AEG Timeline Legal

AEG demands access to more of Michael Jackson’s medical records

By | Published on Friday 6 July 2012

AEG Live

Legal reps for AEG Live are pushing for Michael Jackson’s long-term dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein to hand over all of the medical records he has for the late king of pop, dating as far back as 1984, as they prepare to fight previously reported legal action launched against the live music firm by the pop star’s mother.

As previously reported, Katherine Jackson claims that AEG Live should be held liable for her son’s demise because it hired the medic who, in the eyes of the criminal courts, caused Michael Jackson’s death through negligence. But the live music firm has argued that it should not be help responsible for Dr Conrad Murray’s actions because, while it may have paid his bills, he was hired by and reported to Jackson himself.

That AEG’s lawyers want access to information about Jackson’s long-term health suggests the live firm may also bring up the singer’s alleged addiction to certain prescription drugs, which it’s widely assumed long preceded the involvement of Murray in his healthcare.

In his criminal case, Murray’s lawyers tried to discuss the provision of painkillers to Jackson by Klein, claiming that it was a reliance on that medication that created the environment in which the singer begged Murray for the dangerous sedative propofol, which in turn led to the pop star’s death.

But the judge hearing the criminal case deemed that line of enquiries to be irrelevant, as the alleged painkiller was not in Jackson’s system at time of death, and anyway, whatever the singer’s addictions and demands, Murray should never have given the singer propofol in a domestic setting.

Klein has already provided records relating to Jackson’s health from 2008 and 2009, but in a court filing this week AEG Live requested that the doctor be forced to turn over all his files on the singer, or justify why any individual documents should not be shared. The claim adds that AEG has previously reached an agreement with the Michael Jackson estate regards it accessing medical information.

A court hearing to consider AEG’s latest filing has been set for 12 Sep.