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AFEM and CI publish music meta-data guide

By | Published on Wednesday 17 July 2019

Association For Electronic Music

The Association For Electronic Music has teamed up with digital music delivery company CI to publish a ‘Meta Data Best Practice Guide’.

It’s no secret that good music rights data is necessary for a functioning digital music market. Good data ensures fans can find tracks, helps streaming services develop better recommendation tools, and means that the right artists and songwriters get paid when their music is played.

But not everyone in the music community is always providing the right data in the right format. Or, indeed, in some cases, any data at all. Hence the guide, which aims to educate the dance music community in particular – but also the music community at large – about the key data points, what to do with them, and how to avoid getting data wrong.

AFEM says that “understanding metadata is crucial to getting tracks discovered by fans and paid for by broadcasters, streaming platforms and stores”. The guide aims to ensure, it adds, that “every stream, play or download is accounted for accurately” so that “creators, labels and publishers are making the most of the opportunities the digital music ecosystem has to offer”.

Introducing the guide for its side, CI’s Tomas Pali?nas adds: “Being in the digital music market for more than fifteen years, CI has accumulated the best knowledge and expertise in the independent music market when it comes to digital music and metadata. We are very happy to work with AFEM and share some of the best and most effective metadata management practices that will help our community and beloved dance music thrive in the digital environment”.

You can download the guide for free here.