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After nearly two decades of drinking Coca-Cola, Avicii’s finally been asked to produce an ad jingle

By | Published on Tuesday 26 January 2016


Avicii likes “working with big brands”. Especially ones he can “relate to”. Which means there’s a double win with his latest hook up with Coca-Cola, because that’s a pretty big brand, and he’s been drinking the stuff on a regular basis now for nineteen years, so has a genuine and personal insight into the drink’s overarching ethos. As a marketing idiot might put it. Basically, it’s like Taylor Swift’s relationship with Diet Coke, but in reverse.

His latest tie up with the brand sees him work on an original track to promote the drink brand’s new One Brand campaign, which brings all of its Coca-Cola-branded brands under one brand-led branding brand (I have literally no idea what any of this means).

Speaking to Music Week, the producer said: “Working with Coke has been super easy for me. I’ve been drinking Coke since I was seven, and I drink a lot of Coke already, so it was very easy to do. We’ve also been working together for a long time now. I think we started working together on their energy drink called Burn and I’ve been doing a lot of Burn things for some time. I’ve done a lot of Coke things, but this is the first major campaign I’m doing with them, so it’s really cool”.

Yeah, there’s nothing cooler than producing a cheesy jingle for a blue chip FMCG brand. And this one features vocals from up-and-coming singer Conrad Sewell, who is signed to Lyor Cohen’s 300 Entertainment. You can hear a little bit of it here: