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AIM chief donates music library to Royal Hospital For Neuro-Disability

By | Published on Wednesday 18 April 2012

Royal Hospital For Neuro-Disability

A new music library at the Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability in London is due to be officially opened tomorrow evening. The 3000 CDs that make up the library have been donated by Association Of Independent Music Chief Exec Alison Wenham in memory of her late husband, Nick Wenham, who was a patient there from 2005 to 2010.

The Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability in Putney has been caring for people who have suffered brain injury since 1854. The charity offers many rehabilitation services and music often provides an early means for patients to express themselves as they begin their recovery.

The creation of a CD lending library was part of Nick Wenham’s own rehabilitation, and following his death his friends, family and colleagues have worked to expand it to the collection that will be made available from tomorrow.

Sal Connolly, Head of Psychology at RHN, told CMU: “Nick’s enthusiasm about music was infectious and his knowledge of it extensive. Having been a resident here, he knew exactly how it could feel and that music could make it so much better, so he set about to share this with everyone who came to stay here, both now and in the years to come”.

Alison Wenham added: “Our personal and professional lives were defined by music, we grew up together through music and there is no more fitting legacy for Nick than music. Making sure that people with brain injury or disease have easy access to the music which matters to them is our goal to honour the memory of Nick”.

More information on The Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability is available here.