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AJ Tracey launches fund to support black students at St Peter’s College Oxford

By | Published on Tuesday 18 October 2022

AJ Tracey at St Peter's College Oxford

AJ Tracey has announced a new partnership with St Peter’s College Oxford which will see him funding opportunities for black students at the University Of Oxford college.

“We are delighted that AJ Tracey has become a close friend of St Peter’s College”, says Judith Buchanan, Head of the college. “We welcome the useful questions he asks about black experience in Oxford and his attentive interest in the wellbeing of our students. He has already provided inspirational encouragement to black students within the college, and to us all”.

“With his generous support we look forward to seeing current and future talented black students flourish in their time here and move out into the world as the confident, bold, thoughtful and creative leaders of the future across fields. AJ Tracey’s own personal commitment to seeing our students thrive in their time at Oxford sits at the heart of the generous support he is providing”.

Through the AJ Tracey Fund, the rapper will provide £40,000 per year for the next three years to fund work, including addressing issues of access and under-representation, expanding opportunities for black mentorship, and supporting the student experience of those from low-income backgrounds.

In 2018, Stormzy launched the Stormzy Scholarship to support black students studying at Cambridge University.