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Alan McGee “seriously thinking about restarting Creation”

By | Published on Wednesday 12 September 2012

Alan McGee

Alan McGee is considering relaunching Creation Records, or another label under a different name maybe. I think Poptones has a nice ring to it.

In recent years McGee mostly moved away from music and launched a film company called Escalier 39, but after being asked to help curate next year’s Tokyo Rocks festival in Japan he says he’s been enthused to rejoin the music industry. Though he has to make a film first and write a book, so don’t hold your breath.

Speaking to Louder Than War, McGee said: “Since spending the summer helping curate Tokyo Rocks for next year it’s made me realise I do still love it! It was when I was flying back from Japan with the Primals that started me loving it again. I have to finish the edit to my film ‘Kubricks’, and deliver the book I have signed up for but to be honest I am now seriously thinking about restarting Creation, or maybe call it something else, if I can find the right people at a label to work with. Music needs a kick in the balls, and I have got the music buzz back again after working on Tokyo Rocks”.

In an earlier interview with Dangerous Minds in July, McGee also hinted that he was warming to the world of music again, saying: “Recently I have been helping curate stadium festivals in Tokyo for 2013, and I am enjoying it. So maybe I am moving back towards music. I don’t know, to be honest. I do like films and books more than working with music but I find music easy to do, I sort of understand the music process and always have done. I think music is awful at this point and it’s deliberate. Music is such a strong thing, with the message and the vibration and they want it now to be shit so it loses its impact on people. There are great bands around but they just are basically marginalised till they give in”.