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Album review: The Go! Team – Rolling Blackouts (Memphis Industries)

By | Published on Monday 31 January 2011

The Go! Team

The Go! Team, Brighton’s most energetic alternative dance/funk/soul/indie/noise (delete as appropriate) set, return after almost three years with the explosive ‘Rolling Blackouts’: their third studio LP with a promise of bigger sounds, bigger attitudes, bigger everything. It does not disappoint.

Of course – something by The Go! Team… well, it always will sound like The Go! Team, won’t it? No matter how far they’ve progressed, their stamp is truly their own: explosive, sunshine-stuffed funk-fluff, sampled to buggery and adorned with as many bells, chants and horns as you could shake a stick at. ‘Rolling Blackouts’ opens as it should with the combustive and appropriately named ‘TORNADO’, a right-hook punch of a track, hard and unmistakably THEM, before the album gallops off to some more retro-tinged songs like killer ‘Secretary Song’ and the Air-ish ‘Super Triangle’.

Featuring guest collabs with members of Best Coast and Deerhoof, ‘Rolling Blackouts’ is a predictable but enjoyable return to form, a much needed injection of joy into the somewhat sagging indie scene. TW

Physical release: 31 Jan