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Alice Cooper: Rock bands don’t have attitude any more

By | Published on Friday 10 June 2011

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper isn’t impressed with the current crop of rock bands, accusing them all of lacking attitude and showmanship and having been usurped by pop acts.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the aging shock rocker said: “I joined a band so you could wear leather, Levis, torn-up t-shirts and have attitude. Bands don’t have attitude any more. They’re all beige and have no showmanship. My generation was the opposite. Striving for normality was never an option. It’s infinitely more fun watching somebody like Lady Gaga. The same with Katy Perry. She’s got a great pop sense. Then you have Shakira, who is this bohemian animal”.

Asked how he’d fix things, he continued: “Take Vampire Weekend: here’s a great name for an act. If I was them I’d keep the squeaky clean music but have blood splashed over my shirt. [And] forget ‘The X-Factor’. I’d like to see a TV show that discovers real songwriting rock genius. I’d call it ‘Lunatic Fringe'”.

Having said that all rock bands are rubbish, Alice Cooper will be hanging out with a sizeable number of them this week at Download, where he is headlining the second stage tomorrow night.