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Amazon to add podcasts to its streaming service, and even its critics are now welcome

By | Published on Wednesday 12 August 2020


Amazon is going to start carrying podcasts on both its Amazon Music streaming platform and Audible audiobooks service. So, you know, a bit late to the party, but still, that’s another route via which podcasters can get their programmes to market, and it will presumably become the default source of such content if and when people ask Alexa to play their podcasts of choice.

And, with all that in mind, we can’t wait to see CMU’s Setlist podcast streaming away on the platforms of our favourite patent-law-abusing, small-business-screwing, competitor-blocking, bootleg-seller-empowering, copyright-infringement-enabling, worker-exploiting, trade-union-hating, tax-dodging, money-grabbing, world-dominating, corporate powerhouse of evil capitalist motherfuckers, and its founder and Cunt In Chief, Jeffery “I don’t know” Bezos.

Where do we sign up? Oh, at the bottom of this podcaster contract that says “your content may not include advertising or messages that disparage or are directed against Amazon or any service”. Oh fuck. That’s not going to work, is it?

Worry not everybody! After some good old internet moaning about that free speech infringing contract condition, Amazon has sneakily circulated revised terms for podcasters with that clause removed. So Setlist could still as yet get some podcast distribution love from the fuckers and cunts at Amazon. Good times!