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Amazon’s new Echo device will show you song lyrics as you listen

By | Published on Wednesday 10 May 2017

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon has unveiled its latest Echo personal assistant device, the Echo Show, adding a screen to the previously audio-only tech.

The addition of a screen to the device means various new features, including video calls, the ability to request videos, and to view feeds from compatible net-connected cameras. On the music side, one of the features being pushed hard is the ability to see the lyrics of a song that you are listening to via Amazon’s music streaming service.

Launched in the UK last year, Amazon Music Unlimited is pretty similar to every other on-demand streaming service. However, it offers multi-level pricing. Standard access is £9.99 a month, but Amazon Prime customers can sign up for £7.99, and if you’re willing to only use it through your Echo device, you’ll pay just £3.99 per month.

The market for these voice-controlled gadgets is still pretty small, but Amazon and Google are both banking on that changing. Apple marketing man Phil Schiller recently mocked both companies’ efforts in this domain, in part for building them without screens. 0

Set to start shipping on 28 Jun, the Echo Show is currently only available in the US, and will set you back $229.99.