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Ana Matronic, Dolly Parton and Carla Bruni to present Radio 2 specials

By | Published on Wednesday 9 April 2014

Ana Matronic

BBC Radio 2 is to air a cool season of shows in the coming months. Ladies-in-pop Ana Matronic and Dolly Parton, and one-time First Lady of France, chanteuse Carla Bruni, will all front talkies on the station as part of its female-led springtime listings.

Matronic’s late-night programme, of which there will be four editions, will go out first on 16 Apr at 10pm, and will find the still-sharp Scissor Sister digging in the crates for disco hits, in a similar way to that time she made NYE 2013 a real ‘Night To Remember’. Remember?

Anyway, Ana says: “I had so much fun on New Year’s Eve playing some of my favourite disco tracks, Radio 2 have asked me back for more. I’ll be mining the rare groove depths, indulging guilty pleasures, exploring the boundaries of the genre, and getting down with the greats of the disco age”.

In Dolly Parton’s one-off, two-hour show, ‘Dolly’s Jukebox’, which will air on 21 Apr at 8pm, the C&W grand dame will play tracks she likes, and explain why she likes them to writer Paul Sexton.

She says: “When I get a chance to sit down and listen to music, I just love to pick out some of those old albums. Music is still number one with me. I love that I can make a living, but it’s not the money. I love to work”.

And adds: “I wouldn’t know a hit if it jumped up and bit me in the butt, I just know what I like”.

Carla Bruni, who presumably would know a hit if it jumped up and so on, will act as tour-guide and Chanson historian in ‘Postcards From Paris’, a series in three-acts beginning 15 May and 10pm.

‘What’s a chanson, though?’, you may ask.

At which stage Carla would say: “When you write in French, that’s what makes it Chansons Françaises. English has a lot of rhythm. Italian has a lot of melody. The good point with French is that it has a lot of description”.