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Andrew WK to speak to Oxford Union

By | Published on Thursday 22 May 2014

Andrew WK

Now, obviously it won’t have any of the prestige or glamour of that time he spoke to the My Little Pony fan convention in 2012, but the main man that is Andrew WK has been booked to speak to the Oxford Union next month.

Which is very exciting indeed. And while you may have just read that last sentence in a sarcastic tone, please note that the sarcasm was inferred and not implied. Oh no. This is WK and his public speaking rocks.

Just look at what this spokesman for the Oxford University Rock Society had to say: “We’ve seen rock stars, we’ve seen brilliant public speakers, but rarely are they the same person, and rarely do they have as intriguing and broad a background as Andrew WK”.

‘Andrew WK and The Philosophy of Partying’ at the Oxford Union will take place on 13 Jun.