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Anna Meredith announces debut album

By | Published on Tuesday 17 November 2015

Anna Meredith

At long flippin last, classical and electronic composer Anna Meredith has announced that she will release her debut album, ‘Varmints’, on 4 Mar through Moshi Moshi.

Speaking about the new record, she said: “Pacing is a physical thing. I can feel when stuff has to happen in a track. I knew I wanted ‘Varmints’ to end privately but start confidently, have moments of privacy and moments of power and build. I love writing a build – my friends talk about ‘the Meredith Build’! I love the feeling of ‘get on board, we’re building up now!’ Even if you’re dancing at a club, there’s an amazing transparency to a build. When somebody is creating anticipation, it’s a very communal experience and I don’t like hiding those structures”.

That confident start comes in the form of the previously approved ‘Nautilus’, from 2012’s ‘Black Prince Fury’ EP. And for an idea of the pacing at the album’s mid-point, listen to new single ‘R-Type’ here: