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Anna Meredith releases new single with AR app

By | Published on Friday 23 August 2019

Anna Meredith

Anna Meredith has launched the second single from her new album ‘Fibs’ with an augmented reality app. The ‘Moonmoons’ app was created with designer Arthur Carabott.

“Moonmoons are the moons of moons”, says Meredith. “This idea of intergalactic worlds within worlds and of doubling and playing with scale, of zooming in and out is explored right through the piece, down to the cascading climactic slowing down textures which are actually constructed using the rest of the electronics compressed into two second gestures”.

Of the app, Carabott adds: “Augmented reality and spatial audio enable a way of exploring the details of a piece of music that is very natural, and allow the listener to play an active role in their own experience of a piece”.

Download the app here, or just watch a boring old YouTube video here: