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Annie Lennox backs call on Israel to end Gaza assault

By | Published on Monday 5 January 2009

Annie Lennox has added her voice to the opposition growing to the mini-war Israel instigated against Gaza over the Christmas break.

As you presumably know, Israel have begun a full on bombing campaign against Gaza, saying it is responding to the regular albeit ad hoc firing of missiles into their territory by Palestinians. A full on land assault followed this weekend.

Lennox was one of a number of campaigners and c’lebs present at a press conference in London which called on Israel to stop the military action and return to that much abused negotiating table.

Lennox told reporters: “A few days after Christmas I came downstairs, put the television on and saw smoke pyres emanating from buildings and it shook me to the core. I was thinking, as a mother and as a human being, how was this going to be a solution to peace? It’s a question of human rights, human values that goes beyond Jewish, Muslim, nothing to do with any of that. There has to be a place ultimately where people come to the table”.