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ANote Music and Revelator announce partnership to facilitate more trading in music IP rights

By | Published on Friday 4 November 2022

ANote Music – a marketplace where people can invest in music rights and royalties – has announced a new partnership with Revelator, the music data and distribution management platform.

Under the alliance, music companies using the Revelator platform will be able to easily list royalty shares linked to tracks in their catalogues via the ANote marketplace. Investors – or fans for that matter – will then be able to buy shares in that music, providing the rightsholder with finance, and the investor a share in future royalties generated by the tracks.

The two companies say that this will “democratise fan and investor access to Revelator-managed intellectual property”, and enable “rightsholders to further leverage on their assets, while sharing the future success and royalty streams with fans and investors”.

The partnership will also see Revelator’s various tools integrated into ANote, giving investors “more visibility into royalty streams and bringing Revelator’s strength in data management into ANote’s infrastructure”.

Says ANote Music CEO Marzio F Schena: “We’re hugely excited to be supporting Revelator’s entry into music IP trading, as well as taking the next step in our own mission to further boost the goals and ambitions of all players operating across music rights as a sector”.

“Since our inception, we have admired Revelator’s work in empowering rights holders of creative IP through their innovative and forward-thinking platform and services. Clearly, we share similar values as companies, and I am sure this partnership will open doors for us both as we strive to democratise access to IP in general”.

Revelator boss Bruno Guez adds: “The business of IP trading has been on our radar for some time and, watching ANote over the last couple of years, it became clear they were the go-to partner to facilitate this. We completely align with their goal of democratising access to music IP in a profitable way for all involved and feel this is only the beginning of what we can achieve together”.