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Aphex Twin’s Rephlex Records has closed

By | Published on Thursday 15 January 2015

Aphex Twin

Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin, has shut down Rephlex, the record label he launched with DJ Grant Wilson-Claridge in 1991.

In an interview with Groove, James explained: “It has finished, it’s closed now, a few months ago … that’s something that needed to be done a long time ago. Me and my friend would have drifted apart, but actually the label did keep us together. It got to a point where I’d actually rather be his friend than be in business with him. So I’d rather play those Chicago records and get stoned and not talk about business”.

It also gives him more time to focus on releasing his own music, which apparently he plans to do a lot more of. As previously reported, last year’s ‘Syro’ album is due to be followed up with a new EP later this month. And there may be more to come in the near future.

“I’ve been making music all the time, as much as possible”, he said, referencing the previous long gap between releases. “But releasing it gets harder and harder. Because I’m making so much music, every time I go to compile it, I give up after a few hours, because it’s just so much stuff and then I get lost. But I’m now in this mode where I’m listening and compiling a lot. I think I will be putting out a lot of stuff, hopefully”.

If you’re not confident in waiting for James to compile the music himself, you could go out looking for a lost MP3 player containing unreleased tracks. Asked if any of that music ever emerged, he said: “No, thankfully not! But the story is totally true, I left it on the plane. I think there were 80 unreleased Squarepusher tracks on it as well. I felt really bad about this”.