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App launched by Abba’s Bjorn Ulvaeus to receive £1 million grant from Spotify and YouTube

By | Published on Wednesday 17 November 2021

Björn Ulvaeus

Session, the music collaboration and rights data management tool backed by Abba star Bjorn Ulvaeus, has received £1 million of funding from Spotify and YouTube.

The grant, Session says, is “to help support its mission to make sure creators are always fairly credited and rewarded for their work, increasing accuracy for royalty distribution”. It’s no secret that bad music rights data can stop songwriters from being paid, and often makes the processing of royalties – especially from digital services – inaccurate and inefficient.

The Session app – also co-founded by Max Martin and Niclas Mollinder – aims to make it easier for collaborating music-makers to agree ownership splits and log key data about each song and track with the music industry’s databases. The team behind Session are also behind The Music Rights Awareness Foundation and the recently launched Credits Due campaign.

Welcoming Spotify and YouTube’s support of Session, Ulvaeus says: “Creators should be allowed to make music together without having to worry about the administration around metadata. But, millions of creators miss out on fair payment and credit for their work due to inaccurate song or recording information”.

“The music industry deserves better and I’m convinced that Session’s apps can help it become fairer and more transparent”, he goes on. “We’re delighted that two of the biggest digital service providers are now supporting our mission, and look forward to other DSPs joining this collaboration”.