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Apple to phase out iTunes Radio

By | Published on Monday 18 January 2016

Apple Music

When Apple launched its all singing, all dancing, all buzzing streaming flim flam last year, the tech giant’s previous effort at streaming music – the free-to-access ad-funded iTunes Radio – remained operational in the two markets where it had previously launched, the US and Australia. It meant that users could continue to get a free personalised radio experience.

But not for much longer, freebie music fans. Apple has told users of iTunes Radio that the service will be turned off at the end of the month. Those unwilling to part with cash will have to make do with Apple’s online radio station Beats 1 and – if and when they arrive – Beats 2 and Beats 3 and Beats North and Beats For Tea, and whatever other manifestations of the occasionally listened to radio service may or may not materialise.

Those wanting a personalised radio experience – or a genre or artist based curated-listening showtime – like what iTunes Radio currently offers, will have to upgrade to Apple Music at ten dollars a month and get busy with the playlist functionality within the app.

Confirming all this, an Apple spokesperson told BuzzFeed: “We are making Beats 1 the premiere free broadcast from Apple and phasing out the ad-supported stations at the end of January. Additionally, with an Apple Music membership, listeners can access dozens of radio stations curated by our team of music experts, covering a range of genres, commercial-free with unlimited skips. The free three-month trial of Apple Music includes radio”.