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Applications being accepted for 2022 Drake Yolanda Award

By | Published on Friday 12 August 2022

James JP Drake & YolanDa Brown

Applications are now open for the 2022 Drake Yolanda Award, the funding scheme for emerging artists headed up by entrepreneur/philanthropist James JP Drake and saxophonist/broadcaster Yolanda Brown.

Organisers of the scheme explain that “the Drake Yolanda Award welcomes applicants from all genres and are specifically looking for independent artists that need support and do not currently have backing from major record labels or publishers”.

In terms of the funding available, they go on: “Ten promising artists will be awarded £3000 each, with ten additional runner up prizes of £500 each, intended to support each winners’ artistic development in areas including touring, artistic development, recording new music, music videos, marketing, branding and purchasing new equipment”.

Launching this year’s award, Brown – who also recently became Chair of record label trade group BPI – says: “For many artists, access to finance is always a big stumbling block to achieving their dreams. James and I are happy to support artists to move another step closer to making them a reality”.

There is more info about the awards here – the deadline for applications is 5 Sep.