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Approved: A Harlana

By | Published on Thursday 4 April 2019

A Harlana

Led by musician Juno Roome, A Harlana make reverb-drenched, multi-layered, guitar-based tracks that take the listener into a dreamlike world. Everything shifts around you in a way that is comforting, rather than disorientating, and means there is plenty to still discover and then rediscover which each new listen.

Released earlier this year, the ‘Ada Belle’ EP is the entry point into this realm. The video for the beautiful ‘Faces’ from that release followed and is now joined by the visuals for the EP’s closing instrumental track, ‘The Thunderings Are Nearly Through’.

“The song had originally been written for a former lover of mine who was deathly frightened of thunder, to the point where, at the sound of thunder, she would experience temporary physical paralysis”, explains Roome. “I had recorded this tune, with the imagination that it could be used as a distraction from the thunder, whenever it would come”.

The video features dancers Madison Bibb and Kyle Allen, who saw Roome busking in a subway and struck up a relationship. Bibb later revealed that they sometimes danced to ‘The Thunderings Are Nearly Through’, which sparked the idea for the video.

“I loved the imagery of Madison and Kyle dancing to the thunder song, distracting themselves from all of the mess and thunders of the world, simply living and existing only in each other’s moments for the few minutes that the song would last in Madison’s tiny upper west side bedroom”, he says.

“I told her of my sentiments toward dancing, that I had plans to make a video for each song on the ‘Ada Belle’ EP, and that it would be wonderful if she and Kyle would agree to make one for ‘The Thunderings Are Nearly Through’ of themselves just dancing” he goes on. “She agreed”.The rest, then, is history. Here is that video:

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