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Approved: Accü

By | Published on Thursday 7 June 2018


Arriving with ‘Did You Count Your Eyes?’ – the first single from her debut album ‘Echo The Red’ – Accü plunges straight into a world of dense psychedelia. It pulls you in like water being let out of a bath, sucking you through a network of pipes and into a metaphor I frankly lost control of some time ago.

“The chorus was written years ago in my mind”, she explains. “For years the words and melody would continue to revisit and tease me like an annoying lullaby, until last year I began reading Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves’. Consequently the once annoying lullaby in my head had decided to reach it’s angsty political female puberty and thus, the song was born. Maybe I want to annoy others”.

Watch the video for ‘Did You Count Your Eyes?’ here:

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