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Approved: Agar Agar

By | Published on Tuesday 6 March 2018

Agar Agar

The story currently goes that before forming Agar Agar, Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel started making music together to mark the retirement of the librarian at the art school they were attending. Although they also once claimed that Cappalgli “comes from a family of apes”, so I don’t know how much we should believe in their biog.

Whatever, they have released a string of excellent singles over the last couple of years – such as ‘Prettiest Virgin’ and ‘That Guy Is Me’ – both of which featured on their debut EP ‘Cardan’. However, it’s on new single ‘Fangs Out’ that they really come into their own.

Aiming for an “early Warp” vibe, the new single sees them take the techno and pop influenced sound they’ve developed and spin it on its axis. More than ever, they create an atmosphere with their music and words that transports you somewhere else. Somewhere the track’s excellent video tries to reach.

Watch the video for ‘Fangs Out’ here:

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