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Approved: Alex Calder

By | Published on Monday 17 November 2014

Alex Calder

You can throw all kinds of descriptive words and phrases at Alex Calder that’d stick. ‘Lo fi’ maybe, ‘dream-pop’ certainly, ‘Mac DeMarco-like’ inevitably. Still, the facts are these: Calder is 23, from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, and writes pop songs part time in addition to studying the culinary arts. This is his food blog, Alex Calder Eats, and this is a photo of him passed out on the bare ground, look.

Having shaped the basic terrain of his light-headed psych stylings whilst playing for a short while with DeMarco in his Makeout Videotape phase – self-releasing the brilliant ‘Ying Yang’ tape in 2010 – Calder is now signed to Captured Tracks and fronting his own band, all this in tandem with his ongoing other life as ‘alternative rock’ artiste and ‘Your Mom’ hitmaker Mold Boy.

So that’s a short and, now I read it back, slightly dry history… now for some tracks! Beneath is ‘Strange Dreams’, the woozily mechanical title song to Calder’s excellent latest LP, and this – no way! – is a link to swallow the album whole care of Spotify.