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Approved: All Them Witches

By | Published on Monday 13 February 2017

All Them Witches

All Them Witches return with their fourth album, ‘Sleeping Through The War’, on 24 Feb. It sees the band apply a punchier approach to their psychedelic sound, condensing themselves into tighter song structures to great effect.

“We write in every way possible”, says frontman Charles Michael Parks Jr of their general approach to music making. “There’s no limitations on it, no ‘I’m going to come to it with this song and this is how it’s going to go’. It’s more like stretching your arms out and seeing who can grab what and seeing what fits together from there”.

“This is the most I’ve ever sang on a record, so my writing process was a little bit different than on the other ones”, he continues, probably explaining the tighter structures. “We weren’t relying on long, drawn out jam sections; we were putting more of a storyline into the songs. The songs are catchier, they’re faster and there’s more singing. Or talking. Or whatever I’m doing”.

The results can be found on first single ‘3-5-7’. Watch the video here:

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