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Approved: Allie X

By | Published on Tuesday 8 April 2014

Allie X

I can’t say I usually place a great deal of stead in what Katy Perry may or mayn’t deem a “spring jam”, but in the case of sans-label-deal Canadian artist Allie X’s new track ‘Catch’, K-Pez might have a point. A poison-tipped disco-pop missile with a ‘kiss-off/right on’ style lyrical gist, it flies with the dicey winds of synth-driven vengeance behind it.

Available to download now in HQ via the Allie X S/C page, ‘Catch’ follows in the flight-path of Allie’s significantly brattier past single ‘Prime’, which hinges on the line “Forget what I need/Give me what I want/And it should be fine”.

Hear ‘Catch’ and ‘Prime’ here, why don’t you: