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Approved: Aly and Andy’s Great Escape must sees

By | Published on Thursday 8 May 2014

The Great Escape

Hey, The Great Escape kicks off today. We might have mentioned it once or twice. Of course, our focus has been largely on the convention side of things, that being the bit we’ve programmed. However, there are also over 400 bands playing the festival, and you should spend the next three days trying to see as many of them as possible.

But how do you choose who to see? 400 is a lot. Who even knew there were that many bands in the world? Thankfully, CMU’s Aly Barchi and Andy Malt have been through the schedule and selected ten acts each who they think are worth checking out. That brings things down to a far more manageable 20. Phew.

What’s more, they’ve organised their choices into two playlists, so you can arrive at each show knowing at least one song by each. You can listen to and read more about Aly’s selections here, and do the same for Andy’s here.