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Approved: Andy Stott

By | Published on Wednesday 24 September 2014

Andy Stott

The release of Andy Stott’s third album, ‘Luxury Problems’, in 2012 was something of a breakthrough point for him, earning high acclaim and broader attention. The result of several years of development, under the guidance of the Modern Love label, the record saw him combine his dusty electronic productions with the voice of opera singer (and his childhood piano teacher) Alison Skidmore.

Having released one album already this year, a collaboration with Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker under the moniker Millie & Andrea, he’s now back under his own name again, announcing the follow-up to ‘Luxury Problems’ this week. Due for release on 17 Nov, and titled ‘Faith In Strangers’, the album again includes contributions from Skidmore, as well as euphonium from Kim Holly Thorpe.

But, of course, the centre of it all is Stott’s finely crafted production, cutting up his collaborators’ input and weaving it into his own world, where you’re warmly welcomed one moment and coldly shoved aside the next. Listening at times feels voyeuristic, as on ‘Violence’, the first track from ‘Faith In Strangers’, which is an aggressively beautiful introduction to the record.