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Approved: Asbjørn

By | Published on Tuesday 25 February 2014


First approved back in 2011, in his earlier incarnation as Asbjørn And The Strange Ears, and then again the following year as he prepared the release of his debut album, ‘Sunken Ships’, Asbjørn has now begun to unveil his second longform release, ‘Pseudo Visions’.

Having previously only focussed on the Nordic region, and mainly his home country Denmark, Asbjørn is now starting to branch out further, with a release campaign that will sprawl out over the course of 2014. The songs on ‘Pseudo Visions’ tell a complete story, with each of its tracks being released as a video each month until the end of the year.

“Some of the songs may be radio-friendly, others are just beautiful stories I need to tell”, explains Asbjørn. “And no matter their commercial potential all these songs will have equal opportunities. It’s not up to me which ones people respond to, but I will know that all of them had the chance to change something for someone”.

The first track to be released, ‘Brotherhood’, which you can hear below, continues to develop the dark, atmospheric pop sound of ‘Sunken Ships’, driven by some expertly odd whistling, before giving way to a twisted dance breakdown.

The second track in the series, ‘RYB’, will be released on Asbjørn’s YouTube profile this Saturday (1 Mar):