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Approved: Big Deal

By | Published on Wednesday 30 March 2011

Big Deal

I’m a bit dubious of this grunge revival that’s currently wiping its shoes on the doorstep of the music industry, trying to get in and noisy up the place. But I never like to write something off completely, there’s good stuff to be found in most places. In the case of nu-grunge (which I hope to God no one is calling it), it’s Big Deal, who are creeping in that door after everyone else and sitting quietly in the corner until it’s time to reveal themselves to be the most interesting people in the room.

Comprised of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe, they write songs by winding their two voices around each other and wrapping them up in fuzzy guitars. No drums, no bass, you can almost see them composing them slumped in a corner after a particularly energetic gig with a full band. There’s a certain late night, post-exertion feel to them.

Their new single, ‘Talk’, is released through the Moshi Moshi Singles Club on 4 Apr, with an album due through Mute later in the year.