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Approved: Bigo & Twigetti – Variables

By | Published on Tuesday 1 September 2015


Last week, while you were attempting to soak up the last of the summer (‘soak’ quite probably being the operative word), eight musicians spent the full seven days locked away working on a new album for experimental label Bigo & Twigetti. And yesterday that album – titled ‘Variables’ – was released.

As previously discussed with label boss (and one of the musicians involved) Jim Perkins, this is no ordinary collaborative album. Following on from a similar but smaller scale EP project, ‘Variables’ saw Antonymes, Beatrice Chaume, Nonsemble’s Chris Perren, Leah Kardos, Lucy Claire, Marconi Union’s Richard Talbot and Tiny Leaves start the week by individually writing their own basic track. Over the course of the week, each track was then in turn passed along to another artist, who added their own touches, until all eight acts had worked on all of the tracks on the album.

Part of the excitement of the project is how unpredictable the results would be; it could quite easily have ended in chaos. But, in fact, it has resulted in 40 minutes of music startling in its delicacy and intricacy. Despite the varied styles of each performer, the music fits together seamlessly. While it is possible to pick out individual contributions here and there, and although each stage of each track’s development was very much carried out individually, the spirit of collaboration runs strong throughout.

Stream and buy ‘Variables’ on Bandcamp here:

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