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Approved: Blanco White

By | Published on Monday 6 March 2017

Blanco White

There’s a lot to like in ‘El Búho’, the first single from Blanco White’s new EP, ‘Colder Heavens’. Like previous releases, it’s an intoxicating blend of genres, carefully balancing everything from folk to flamenco with unlikely precision.

But even by his usual standards, this new song is a feat of musical brilliance. A cinematic tone is set from the off, while buried backing vocals provide a stirring friction against project creator Josh Edwards’ taut vocal melodies.

The Blanco White sound is very much influenced by Edwards’ time spent studying guitar in Cádiz, Spain, and later the Andean instrument the charango in Sucre, Bolivia. But the result is not a lesson, more a portrait, turning his studies to something more emotive and personal.

‘Colder Heavens’ is out on 31 Mar. You can catch Blanco White live at Blacks in Soho tonight, or at the Troubadour in South Kensington on 29 Mar.

Listen to ‘El Búho’ here:

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