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Approved: Broods – Bridges

By | Published on Thursday 14 November 2013


Now that Lorde is the biggest new pop sensation of 2013, the world has started wondering if she’s a one-off or if there are more future stars hiding out in New Zealand. Well, possibly. New Zealand’s always had a pretty good selection of acts knocking around at any one time actually, though if asked most would probably still come up with Neil Finn, Flight Of The Conchords and, maybe, one or two Flying Nun-signed acts from the 80s.

All of which doesn’t come a cross as a very high hit rate. But a quick follow-up to Lorde’s success may be around the corner in the form of Broods. The brother and sister duo, Georgia and Caleb Nott, have been working with Lorde producer Joel Little (which helps) and have racked up over 200,000 plays for their debut track, ‘Bridges’, on SoundCloud.

The track certainly displays some of the subtle touch Little bestowed on Lore’s debut album, but the finished recording has a fuller sound – both musically and in Georgia’s quietly emotive voice. Negotiations with labels and publishers are now in full flow, ahead of a planned EP release in February.

Check out the video for ‘Bridges’ here: