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Approved: Cameron Graham

By | Published on Thursday 16 February 2023

Cameron Graham

Newly signed to Phantom Limb, electronic artist Cameron Graham is set to release his first EP for the label next month. Out now is new single ‘Authority Figures’, which shows off the depth of sound he creates with relatively little.

Working out of a caravan, Graham uses drum pads to trigger all of the sounds in his tracks, creating electronic music that is both percussive and very melodic.

The live nature of the music’s creation also gives it a very human quality that can be lost when simply triggering samples on a laptop. The different parts dance around each other playfully, creating a world that expands and retracts as sounds arrive and depart.

“I was compelled into making the most joyful and celebratory music I could while the world was falling apart and fragmenting further and further into chaos”, he says. “A murderous war, immediately after a pandemic, woven into an ever-more fractious and seemingly insane social and political landscape”.

“This project was the only possible creative act in the face of abject senselessness”, he adds. “What was a natural response for me, is for the listeners a loud invitation to go out, to move, to melt into music, to let go”.

‘Go Out’ is set for release on 24 Mar. Listen to ‘Authority Figures’ here: