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Approved: Capsule

By | Published on Monday 2 March 2015


We made Japanese producer Yasutaka Nakata one of our Artists Of 2013 in recognition of his impressive output that year, both with J-pop acts Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Capsule, his long-running dance-focussed project with Toshiko Koshijima.

While his work for other artists has continued to appear ever since then (with varying results), new material from Capsule has only just begun to emerge, with new album ‘Wave Runner’ recently announced and first single, ‘Another World’, appearing last month.

Identifiably a Capsule song, ‘Another World’ still marks a departure from 2013 album ‘Caps Lock’. For one thing Koshijima is back to singing – if still buried under effects – rather than having her vocals cut up and reassembled by Nakata. And there is definitely a strong influence from the mainstream ‘EDM’ scene, though the duo still maintain something more interesting in their approach.

Check out the video for ‘Another World’ here: