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Approved: Cenes

By | Published on Tuesday 21 May 2019

Fiona Brice

The Bigo & Twigetti classical and electronic label has brought together artists for a number of collaborative releases over the last few years.

Many of those collaborative projects have followed a process whereby each musician works on a piece of music in isolation, and then passes it it on to the next collaborator who adds their own touches, who then passes it on to the next person, and so on. With each piece going through multiple layers of composition, the resulting tracks can be quite complex.

But the label’s latest collaborative venture is kind of the opposite of that, the aim being to do something much less complicated, than both previous B&T collaborations and the classical composition process in general. Violinist Fiona Brice, cellist Tony Woollard and composer/producer Jim Perkins came together to make a five-track record called ‘Carried’, released under the name Cenes.

“This project began as an antidote to the sometimes laborious academic tradition of composing, scoring, revising, rehearsing, recording, editing and producing music”, says the label. “Each piece was created without score or prior preparation, relying on instinct, discussion and collaboration, with a focus on capturing the energy and essence of an idea whilst it is still fresh”.

Written and recorded over two days, the spontaneity, enthusiasm and punk spirit of the project comes across completely in the finished work. Check out two tracks – ‘Sparks’ and ‘Hope?’ here – the full release is out on Friday:

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