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Approved: Club 8

By | Published on Thursday 11 April 2013

Club 8

Swedish duo Club 8 are due to release their latest album, ‘Above The City’, the follow-up to 2010’s ‘The People’s Record’, on 21 May via Labrador Records. The new long player sees them experimenting within the confines of pop, working their way through an array of sounds, all nicely held together by the vocals of Karolina Komstedt.

Produced by the other half of the band, Johan Angergård, the pair also went fairly retro, in music technology terms, when making the record, using a thirteen year old copy of Cubase VST software (I would have gone one step further and used Notator on an old Atari, personally), explaining: “With less advanced technology at hand you need to create your sounds in a more ‘hands on’, less artificial kind of way”.

Check out that more hands-on sound on ‘Stop Taking My Time’ (available to buy as a single now), which is an urgent rush of pop that does as its title suggests and gets out of your way in under three minutes: