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Approved: Congo Natty

By | Published on Tuesday 4 June 2013

Congo Natty

Congo Natty is Mikail Tafari, a music producer with a track record that spans over two decades. Born Michael West, in London, he found success as Rebel MC in the late 80s with some classic cuts that garnered chart success, including the seminal ‘Street Tuff’.

He’s cut a different path of late and now sees jungle music as a way to spread the word of Ras Tafari, and the message of peace and love and unity. His forthcoming album ‘Jungle Revolution’ leans heavily on the early jungle sound, and covers the diverse aspects of the genre – when drum n bass was in its infancy.

The first release is a nostalgic collaboration with some big names designed to get you moving with some excellent toasting from his various guests: the ultra fast paced staccato of General Levy, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, the legendary Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie and Daddy Freddy.

The video includes a short film type intro – polished and well produced. Check it here: