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Approved: Daniel Thorne

By | Published on Thursday 24 January 2019

Daniel Thorne

Artistic Director and founder of the Immix Ensemble, saxophonist Daniel Thorne is set to release his debut solo album, ‘Lines Of Sight’, in March. The stunningly beautiful record features sweeping tracks, combining saxophone and electronics.

“Thematically, this music was inspired by birds-eye aerial images and the idea of perspective”, explains Thorne. “How something incredibly complex like a river or the surface of the ocean is reduced to a simple line or shape when viewed from the heavens. [And] the line between natural and man-made becomes increasingly blurred”.

He adds: “Several compositions are derived from ratios and processes, and are highly calculated, while others evolved in a much more organic way. I wanted to create music that blurred lines between acoustic and electronic, organic and synthetic, composition and improvisation”.

The obvious point of comparison among other modern avant-garde saxophonists would be Colin Stetson. However, aside from similarities due to the quirks of their chosen instrument, Thorne quickly diverts down a very different route. The six compositions on ‘Lines Of Sight’ will have you feeling like you’re floating above the earth right with him.

Thorne is set to support Daniel Brant at Corsica Studios in London on 26 Feb. Now, listen to the album’s opening track ‘From Inside, Looking Out’.

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