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Approved: Daughn Gibson

By | Published on Thursday 23 August 2012

Daughn Gibson

A licensed truck driver who once played drums in ‘stoner-metal’ band Pearls & Brass, Daughn Gibson has just signed to Sub Pop on the basis of his long playing April debut, ‘All Hell’, and what finer reason than that to talk about it/him a little?

Whether he’s playing the lone Midwestern raconteur on ‘Tiffany Lou’ – which sews piano and vox loops into a tapestry of brittle, earthen Americana – or traipsing doomy electronic plains in the slow but locomotive ‘Lookin Back On 99’, Gibson still contrives to toe the border between sincerity and self-parody, undermining hammy tropes as often as he pledges serious reverence to Jennings, Cash and Cave.

Now he marks that well-earned Sub Pop signing with intrepid new track ‘Reach Into The Fire’, steering its sound more towards ‘Lookin Back On 99’ than the oft maudlin ‘Tiffany Lou’. It’s less John Wayne, more Nicolas Jaar, for whom Gibson professes a liking in this Pitchfork +1 interview. It also samples his Sub Pop roster pals Shabazz Palaces and Tiny Vipers, so that’s nice.