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Approved: Deafheaven – From The Kettle Onto The Coil

By | Published on Tuesday 26 August 2014


The popularity of Deafheaven’s second album, ‘Sunbather’, brought with it accusations of the band making black metal for hipsters. And their latest track appearing in the Adult Swim Singles series isn’t going to help with that much. But if you’re quietly seething about a black metal band picking up fans who carry tote bags, just remember that the elitist nature of the genre probably means it’s not designed to appeal to you either. So let’s just move on.

Anyway, ‘From The Kettle Onto The Coil’, is the latest track to appear in Adult Swim’s procession of free downloads, and is available for you to store on your computer from today. From a running start, the track is a pretty solid wall of noise for the first half, before dropping a minute of more shoegaze-inspired riffs during which to catch your (and their) breath, before the roaring final stretch.

Listen and download here: