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Approved: Dirty Beaches

By | Published on Tuesday 16 April 2013

Dirty Beaches

Montreal-based Alex Zhang Hungtai’s Dirty Beaches, as was first CMU approved back in 2011, earns present-day re-approval on the basis of the tracks he’s been casting, one by one, off his new dual LP ‘Drifters/Love Is The Devil’. Less radio-playable singles and more montages of stargazing noise, light and shade; we’ve so far heard the monastic ‘Love Is The Devil’ and ‘Landscapes In The Mist’, a mire of atonal brass. ‘Drifters/Love Is The Devil’, which is shaping to be a dark and disparate listen, will be released via Zoo Music on 20 May.

Quite irrelevant to all that (in that it’s not on the LPs) is ‘Temple Street’, a clinking, clanking guitar-bass-tambo collaboration with The Offset: Spectacles who, says Zhang, are “THE BEST FUCKING BAND IN HONG KONG”. It’s off a split tour tape released by Russian label Spacebridge so probably isn’t the most viable purchase, but still, at least we have it via SoundCloud: