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Approved: Dralms

By | Published on Tuesday 17 February 2015


Christopher Smith has released a couple of albums under his own name back in his native Canada already. And there was a definite progression in his sound over the course of those records, but nothing that would shake him free of the ‘singer-songwriter’ tag. His new material with new band Dralms though, well that’s a different matter.

There is a connection through all of this, in that Smith worked with the musicians in Dralms on his solo output, with the addition of producer Andy Dixon, whom Smith met when he remixed a track from his last solo album ‘Earning Keep’.

It is possible to see a sonic through-line too (if you really want to), but the new material does still feel very different. The first single from the project, ‘Crushed Pleats’, is darker, more electronic, more intimate. There’s an underlying threatening feel that certainly wasn’t there before, and blended with Smith’s soulful vocals creates an interesting juxtaposition that will be interesting to explore further.

‘Crushed Pleats’ is due for release through Full Time Hobby on 7 Mar, backed with the similarly menacing ‘Division Of Labour’. The band will play their debut show at St Pancras Old Church on 4 Mar.

Watch the video for ‘Crushed Pleats’ here: